Best practices for highly effective teams

"None of us is as smart as all of us." --Ken Blanchard.

This statement sums up the importance of teamwork. When looking at a successful project or business one tends to look for one name to pin the success too, but there is no success without a strong team.

Effective teams are built, they are driven, enthusiastic, motivated, but they are also the mirror of an effective leader.

Effective teams share common qualities:

  1. Promotion of both individual and team values

  2. Continuous improvements: step by step the team continuous to improve after discovering weaknesses and finding how to triumph over the smallest problem and create solutions.

  3. Diverse/ Cross-Functional Teams: This technique leads to high engagement of employees and sincere improvements and innovation, the best work can come out of a diverse and cross –functional team.

  4. Organization: prioritize achievable goals and set specific milestones that can be measured and verified.

  5. Trust: Trust in one another, trust in the team, allow everyone a chance to bounce their idea and if one idea stands out engage the entire team in building on the idea.

  6. Collaboration.

  7. Flexibility: Recognizing that there may be a set structure but imagination and freedom are to be used to change the structure as work evolves and the team grows.

In order to have a highly effective team, it takes motivation, dedication, and strength of the leader. Management should have experience in finance, quality control, negotiation, deadlines, operations control and all aspects of the business. Management is much easier said than done, and to run a functional and highly effective team it takes experience, patience, and quick thinking.

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