HR Solutions

HR Solutions

Alliance is specialized in organizational development, strategic planning and human capital services, with a special focus on human resources management and training.

We believe that as much as 80% of a company’s value or worth is tied to its people and the way they perform. Accordingly, people in any organization must be treated as an asset and not a cost. The challenge that lies therein is to identify relevant performance measures and provide meaningful information which can be acted upon, without forgoing the opportunity to both evaluate and maximize the value of people.

Possessing over 25 years of hands-on experience in developing and implementing management solutions, Alliance’s qualified and highly experienced consultants cater to organizations across the GCC. We focus on systemizing the HR components that lead to successful human capital management in organizations such as:

  • Organizational structuring
  • Job analysis & job description design
  • Recruitment & selection systems
  • Training & development systems
  • Authority & responsibility matrices design
  • Internal HR policies & procedures
  • Performance management systems
  • Pay & benefits systems
  • Motivation & incentives systems
  • Career path planning
  • Succession planning
  • Human resources profiling
  • Competency based HR
  • Specialized consulting services

Alliance is supported by a network of well established strategic partners that can cater to additional organizational HR needs such as:

  • Executive search/head hunting services
  • Human capital training
  • Psychometric testing
  • Human resources management systems/software

Alliance Model Highlights

  • Improvement/ Need-driven consulting services
  • Tailor-made practical solutions
  • Focused on productivity, performance and results
  • Supporting the implementation and execution of plans
  • Simple, yet effective tools are core in our repertoire of consulting services
  • Post assignment follow-up: We are always with our clients even after the assignment is over

Our approach:

The approach of Alliance is manifested within a professional framework that has client satisfaction at its heart and aims to:
• Develop and empower individuals, teams and organizations
• Design and develop programs, processes and systems that fulfil organizational needs
• Provide an emphasis on practical skill development based on proven management practices