What is Ta’zeez?

Ta’zeez is Watani’s mid-level customized training program aimed at empowering nationals who are entry-level managers and easing their transition into their new managerial roles. It is a one year training and development program that aims at further growing the skills of junior managers in the workplace and providing them with the necessary tools to evolve into effective and successful leaders of their teams and processes.

What can Ta’zeez do for your organization?

  • Enable organizations to cultivate their next generation of leaders by providing new managers with the base skills and capabilities required to perform their newfound roles efficiently.
  • Supply tools and practical methodologies to enable junior managers to better manage, lead and motivate their teams.
  • Train entry-level managers on the most effective tools and strategies for decision making, problem solving, delegation, coaching and planning.

Why Ta’zeez?

  • Strengthen basic leadership skills and nurture new managers to become future leaders and enhance their ability to understand behavior to create a motivating environment for their staff.
  • Build self-confidence in entry-level managers and improve their ability to move upwards in the organization.
  • Increase process management capabilities to enhance productivity, efficiency and effectiveness for results-oriented outcomes.
  • Exposure to professional and certified senior trainers with years of relevant experience.
  • Training material is customized to suit specific industry and organizational needs with an 80% focus on a practical, experiential learning-by-doing method via the usage of a range of proprietary unique tools and videos. The remaining 20% revolves around theory.
  • Program is internationally accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and all successful participants receive official certificates.
  • Measurable and sustainable results are guaranteed through a unique and practical proven methodology involving micro learning, where the focus is on learning through small bites. The method relies on a range of proprietary tools, pre and post assessments, and continuous post training follow-up via refresher sustainable tools and sessions held at regular, frequent intervals.