What is Tamkeen?

Tamkeen is Watani’s entry-level training program aimed at empowering nationals who are first time workers and fresh graduates to prepare them for entry into the workforce. It is a training and development program administered in a fun and interactive way to promote maximum learning and designed to arm young aspiring professionals with the qualitative practical tools, skills and methodologies they need to be successful in the workplace and become productive members of their respective teams, contributing to the overall success of their organizations. The program duration can be customized depending on the client’s needs to be either provided in the form of an intensive two month program or spread out over the course of one year.


What can Tamkeen do for your organization?

  • Close and bridge the gap between what students learn at universities and educational institutions and what is needed in the workplace.
  • Fulfil organizations’ need to provide new employees with the required knowledge base and work skills, within the minimum time frame, to achieve the best results.
  •  Contribute towards achieving an upwards trajectory on the participants’ career paths within the organization
  • Help participants to develop the vital professional characteristics and behaviours necessary for success in the workplace.


Why Tamkeen?

  • Instil common workplace best practices and professional behaviour within the participants’ ethos.
  •  Reduce the learning cycle timeframe and speed up the process of engagement with the work environment.
  • Provide participants with the required tools to build their skills and capabilities to adapt to workplace challenges and requirements.
  • Improve communication, teamwork and leadership.
  • Exposure to professional and certified senior trainers with years of relevant experience
  • Training material is customized to suit specific industry and organizational needs and is based on a concept known as ‘youthification’. The emphasis is 80% on learning-by-doing through fun and dynamic youth-centric activities, the usage of videos and a range of proprietary unique tools, and on experiential learning. The remaining 20% revolves around theory.
  • Program is internationally accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and all successful participants receive official certificates.
  • Measurable and sustainable results are guaranteed through a unique and practical proven methodology involving micro learning, where the focus is on learning through small bites. The method relies on a range of proprietary tools, pre and post assessments, and continuous post training follow-up via refresher sustainable tools and sessions held at regular, frequent intervals.